Monday, October 11, 2010

O.P.I. The Show Must Go On Burlesque Collection

I happened upon the possible almost dupe for M.A.C. Bad Fairy quite accidentally. It wasn't until after I painted on O.P.I. The Show Must Go on that I saw the resemblance.

This color is from the Burlesque Holiday 2010 collection from O.P.I.. It is a beautiful deep pink with pink sparkles. Although not an exact dupe for Bad Fairy (The Show Must Go On is slightly deeper pink), you would be hard pressed to tell the difference without painting two separate nails with each.

O.P.I. The Show Must Go On nail polish swatch
Under Warm Light

The color is gorgeous, and also shines different under different lights. Taking on an almost red appearance in deep warm light. In cooler light (like outdoors) it's more pink.

O.P.I. Burlesque The Show Must Go On Review
Under 14k light

I think O.P.I. hit the color just right. It's a pink that would be great for the holiday season. My sister in law couldn't stop complimenting my nails. Like most glitter polishes, it was sort of a pain to remove. The sparkles are thicker and slightly bigger than MAC Bad Fairy sparkles.

O.P.I. Nail Lacquer Burlesque collection The Show Must Go on Holiday 2010

I'd actually like to apologize for the delay too, I meant to post this on Thursday, but for whatever reason my wifi refused to work all last week so I couldn't get online. Hopefully I have no issues this week.

So what do you think... Does O.P.I. The Show Must Go On have a good resemblance to M.A.C. Bad Fairy?
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