Monday, October 4, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Bad Fairy Review

This was such a struggle getting the new M.A.C. Nail Lacquers in the Disney villains line-up! I could've pre-ordered them (or at least one) through Macy's I suppose. That didn't register in my mind I guess.

On the official release date (apparently, some had been released earlier) of September 30th I went to the local mall and bee-lined for Macy's since I have a gift card there from last Christmas. To my dismay they had every cosmetic counter available EXCEPT M.A.C.! So I cruised the mall for an actual M.A.C. store front, but to no avail. I left empty handed and disappointed.

On Saturday I went to yet another mall up in N.H. and I was in luck, they had a M.A.C. counter, with the Venomous Villain setup. The girl working there just watched me, closely, but didn't speak. I grabbed the polishes and begin swatching and went "What the HELL? Why are these colors here?" They had placed Concubine, Jade Dragon, and Ming Blue bottles from the Fall 2010 Limited edition line in the place of the Villain line. I was so excited I didn't even notice they were so wrong until painting. At this point the young girl working took notice and said " We sold out of the real ones the first day".

Finally, I hit Natick Mall. The awesome people at the Macy's counter said they had one of each bottle left. I was only going to grab Bad Fairy, but this news and troubles led me to purchase Formidable! and Mean & Green too.

Anyways onto the swatches!

M.A.C. Venomous Villains Bad Fairy

Bad fairy is a deep pink, with lighter pink sparkers. I have NO complaints about the color, I love it. I'm usually not a pink girl, but this is lovely. In the darkness it actually looks more red with pink sparkles. So it's not overbearing in different settings.

MAC 2010 Swatch Bad Fairy

I have a complaint about the brushes though. Two of the three polishes had ruined brushes. The only one that survived the manufacturing defect was Formidable!. I was extremely disappointed. I'm not really sure what to do, since everywhere is sold out around here. It's not like I can exchange them! I think I should call M.A.C.

MAC Bad Fairy review

My only other complaint, and it's a smaller one. I had to use 3 coats to get this looking right. Even then it was still slightly spotty. I, personally, really hate using more than 2 coats as I'm afraid it will never dry. You know, unless I have a whole day to devote to painting my nails.

Bad Fairy nail lacquer

In the image below, you can see the beautiful deep pink color best. But also how translucent it is in places, even after 3 coats.

Bad Fairy nail polish

Next Up in the coming days, Formidable! and Mean and Green.
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