Tuesday, October 26, 2010

O.P.I. Done Out In Deco

It is a beautiful, warm day out here in New England. Probably one of the last of the season. I'm enjoying it while I can. I, of course, still had to make time to post today.

I was going to grab another lavender color during my O.P.I. shopping spree. However, I really fell in love with O.P.I. Done Out In Deco from the South Beach spring 2009 collection. Plus, I was able to nab it on sale. I'm always a sucker for items on sale.

O.P.I. Done Out In Deco
South Beach Spring 2009
I was originally grabbing for the Shrek collection color Rumples Wiggin but Done Out In Deco is a deeper lavender color, and more to my liking. I may eventually get some lighter and darker lavender shades as the color compliments my ghostly pale skin nicely.

O.P.I. Nail Polish Swatch : Done Out In Deco
For coverage this one is great, in most of my applications it took only 2 coats for full coverage. Which is great for a lighter color. It dries faster than "What's with the Cattitude?" (I painted both on the same day, and What's With The Cattiude? took twice as long to fully dry... What's up with that? Has anyone else noticed this issue between O.P.I. polish?)

Yay my nails are growing!

Alone, this color is not extremely shiny. If you want a good shine you should use a good top coat. This color would look amazing with a matte top coat too.
I attempted a free-hand french over it with a deep purple, and totally botched the whole polish job in the end. Which made me quite sad as I was hoping to keep this color for a few days. However, I can't wait to do some great designs with this color in the future. I have some new freehand brushes coming in the mail and will practice and hopefully post some step by steps to freehand nail art.

Are you a fan of lavender nail lacquers? Which ones are your favorite?
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