Thursday, October 14, 2010

O.P.I. Burlesque Rising Star Review

Continuing with the Holiday 2010 OPI review theme; next up is Rising Star swatch.

Rising Star is a part of the Burlesque collection and is a beautiful copper-gold. It's the same color (in my eyes) as pure 999 gold. If you've ever seen pure gold you'd know what I mean. It's mostly a yellowy gold, but with some pop to it. It's hard to explain, this is definitely not a 14k hue. I really enjoy this shade of nail polish and will probably end up buying a full size bottle of it.

O.P.I. Burlesque collection Rising Star

What I love is it's not your typical gold polish, and the pictures do not do it justice. Flash just made it look orange, and without flash it looked very gold. I assure you, it's a bit in between. It's a very warm gold color. It is extremely shiny and glittery which I love. The bottle looks quite small, as it's a mini teaser bottle. I wasn't so sure about this collection so I didn't purchase full size bottles. I'm actually overall, so far, quite happy.

OPI Rising Star Review and swatch

I think it would be a perfect color for the reverse french design (I'm not sure of the exact name, can someone clue me in?) as it would work well with black. It took 2 coats for full coverage on most nails. My pinky I did rather thin, and required 3 coats. As far as removal goes, like with the other Burlesque colors I've reviewed so far, the glittery colors are a pain to remove. However, they aren't as bad as some other glitter lacquers I own. Just be prepared for it to take a few extra minutes.

O.P.I. Nail Polish review Rising Star
Best photo of the color

I hope I have time to post tomorrow. There's a lot going on around here. Rest assured, if things get too crazy, I will be back for sure on Monday. If I don't post till then, have a safe and fun weekend!
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